What We Do

Taste Music is an art discovery service that finds the hottest music and visual art, and brings it directly to you. We are doing this with the 3 pillars of our organization.

  1. Utilize our web platform to bring you consistent content discovery with playlists, articles, and online galleries. All with the goal of promoting equality and inclusivity in the arts.

  2. Provide curation services to those who have specific needs for their own endeavors. This includes everything from finding the best EDM music for DJ’s to helping small business owners find the right art to hang on their walls.

  3. Create an online community that promotes creative minds to come together and share their favorite art with the world.


Who We Are


Robert Mayper

Founder of Taste Music, but I only let it go to my head a little bit. I am an eccentric living my days in Denver, CO. I’m living my nights in my mind trying to figure out how to bring the best music to you. I spent a lot of my life pursuing careers that didn’t tap into my love of music, but decided to do what I really love in the beggining of 2019. I’ve turned my passion for music loose and I truly hope you are enjoying the fruits of this love. I believe that music is one of the most powerful mediums that we as humans have to express ourselves. I want to share the best of it with you.

Some genres you’ll see with my content: Hip Hop, EDM, Indie Rock, and Hard Rock.

Truthfully I love it all. Check Me out!

My Top 10 songs Right Now!


Gabe Rasmussen

Recent business graduate wandering and looking for a life after school. Avid music lover that just can’t pull myself away from the sound of music and using any excuse to make it a part of my living.

So you can get a sense of who I am without all the walls of text here’s what inspires me (Shout out to the guys here).

  • Movie Review: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Slow pacing that packs in charisma and sets up a strong ending that makes the experience worth it.

  • Favorite Artist: Albrecht Dürer. I’m a renaissance man.

  • Favorite Cuisine: Italian. Love some gourmet pasta. Sucks now that I have Celiacs.

    My content has no discernable pattern, just a bit of attitude.

Check out what I’m listening to this week below.



Current music enthusiast, former hippie performer, trying to keep music in my professional life. I spent a lot of time pinging around Colorado playing music and meeting interesting people involved with the craft. Born in the fires of classical percussion, I quickly expanded my appetite for instruments to include guitar, bass, piano, and some cello. Throughout my early 20’s I delved deep into the bowels of musical theory and came out with a broader understanding of music overall. Progressive and psychedelic rock became the foundation of most groups I would play in and still to this day shapes most of my taste. A rather long side adventure into grunge developed a good amount of my sound and preference, but it’s always hard to find a substitute for good old fashioned rock and roll. Classical works find their way back into my life from time to time and I'll never give up playing spanish style guitar, but most of the time you’ll catch me in the 70’s or 80’s enjoying the old stuff or rediscovering something for all of you.