Community Playlist


AJ, Gabe, and I listen to a ton of music, but we can’t get enough. Our hunger is never satiated, and our quest is never over. We need more music and want to hear what you have been listening to!

We have a little experiment we are running here. We want You to help make a playlist powered by listeners, for listeners. All you have to do is send us a song that fits the topic, tell us why you chose it, and a link to the social media account of your choice (If you want). We want to create a playlist where people can connect with others over cool new music, and be a part of making music personal again.

We will be open to submissions until 8/19 at 10pm (MNT). After that we will compile all the songs we receive, put them into a playlist, and post it on the website. That post will include your song, your explanation for the song, and a link to your social media account for people to talk to you more about your music taste if you desire.

Share, Connect, Discover!

- Robert Mayper

Topic = Your Newest Favorite Song