August Alt Albums

Photo of: half•alive

Photo of: half•alive

Summer is inundated with pop tunes that push the same old topics of Summer flings and love. This odd mixmash of an article will bring some big releases from independent and “record deal” artists alike.

The artists below are overtly talented in instrumentation and catchy quips that channel the good of the devilishly hot season. These guys conjure the feeling of a beach cafe that gives you that sense of ultimate relaxation. So hurry up, it’s august 2019, the beaches will be freezing over soon. 

half•alive are clearly something special and their debut album delivers on every front it can. These three guys blew up quick and when that happens you get some capital investment. They didn’t waste it either, creating some amazing visuals for their music and current tour. Their debut album is phenomenal in cementing their style and a clear cut versatile piece of art. 

Red Hearse’s self-titled debut is the better Man of the Woods. It channels some Timberlake vocals, both in flow and pitch; however, instead of making a mix and match game using an odd number of cards, Red Hearse delivers a complete experience from start to finish. Well mastered and mixed, the debut album keeps its replay-ability that is perfect for the radio to beat to death. 

Magic City Hippies sounds exactly like they should, a sound that is modern and classic that blends perfectly to make an album that’s made for a south beach marquee. The whole album feels like a live show with intros and outros that I don’t want to skip. Plus there's an Indiana Jones inspired track that is comedic as well as almond milk Silk®y smooth.

Tora will be the last of the summertime magic artists featured. Their newest installment will slow the vibe down and let us wind down to the nightcap of our summer music fling. Can’t Buy the Mood sways like a wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man inset in dense slow motion, occasionally getting jolts that amp the energy up every few tracks. An atmospheric project that is layered to perfection and written like a modern Shakespearean tragedy. Ultimately, Can’t buy the Mood delivers a mood but also reminds you to create your own with the billions of people that surround us.

Hopefully, this has brought the summer melodies to you wherever you may be. There are a ton of albums being released and if we missed anything you think we should hear, please connect with us via any medium. We would love to create a dialogue and spark up some interesting conversations.