Metal can be for everyone.

Photo by  Franck V.  on  Unsplash

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

With the surge in popularity of the show Aggretsuko and bands like Lady Baby touring the globe, it is evident that metal music is making its way into popular culture whether you like it or not. I am going to give you an introduction on how you can embrace this new movement of Metal around the world. Let’s start with the aforementioned rising pop metal band Lady Baby.

Hopefully I have completely torn apart your expectations for what metal can be. Now let’s dive a little deeper. Here’s a metal outfit that are experts in producing music that is accessible as it is powerful. Baroness has a certain melodic quality that few bands capture. To me, they almost transcend genre as their sound is so empowering. Whether that is physical or mental. It uplifts you even with their more somber offerings.

Still with me? Let’s get into the meat of this metal. Periphery has quickly become one of my favorite hard-core/metal acts with their electrifying guitars, pumping percussion, and monstrous yet clean vocals. This band is putting out music that gets the blood moving. Their song “Marigold” is this swirling anthem that is a perfect entrypoint into the band. It spotlights some of the best parts of their artistic talent and is the next stop on our intro to metal.

Now for something a little more progressive. The Ocean’s “Firmament” has a wide spectrum of musical offerings that go from progressive to incredibly hardcore seamlessly. The whole song itself is a roller coaster, and one that I recently discovered. Experience this sonic force:

We’re in the thick of it now but it’s time to summit this mountain of metal. We have ascended higher and higher. Now beyond the trees and warmth where the clean vocals play and soft melodies forage. We have come to the cold desolate peak. Sitting atop the loose rocks and stone sits our most powerful guide yet. Meshuggah. They sit meditative, then opening their eyes to meet your weary gaze. Still seated and with blank expression, they stretch their hands outward with open palms. Their mouths slowly crack open. Then, this is what you hear:

Hopefully today we were able to open your eyes to some sweet new music. Let us know what metal music you’ve been listening to in the comments or in our socials on:


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