Taste Talks TOOL

Robert and AJ discuss TOOL’s long awaited 5th album. We go over the good and bad of this major new music release. We are always a big advocate for you forming your own listening opinion before hearing ours. Linked below is the new album and we suggest listening to that before our interview. It does have spoilers for the album.

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Robert Mayper’s goal is to bring the best and hottest music to you. He has years of experience curating music, producing online content, and being a radio host. As the founder of Taste Music, he is always scouring the music scene to find the top undiscovered and established talent worth knowing about. If you want to have your music spotlighted on Taste Music, reach out to him at tastemusic.us@gmail.com.


AJ Dembiczak is a former musician originally from Colorado Springs. Most of his time around the music scene was focused in Boulder and later in Denver where he taught guitar, drums and music theory. Now currently centered around understanding and critiquing rather than performing, we hope you enjoy the insight of an eccentric musician who has some more thoughts to share.