The Milk Blossoms

Photo by: Cory Palencia

Photo by: Cory Palencia

Today we look at a Denver band that is making some truly mysterious and personal tracks. Harmony, Blair, and Michelle of The Milk Blossoms are playing with the lines of dream-pop in their own unique way. To say they are experimental with their work doesn’t quite do them justice. Their music sounds like the equivalent of fairytale webs spun and interlaced with beautifully dark imagery. All built on this gentle yet heavy sonic foundation. Each song is packed with emotion and meaning to the point where you can’t help but be sucked in. 

One of the qualities that I appreciate most about many Milk Blossoms songs is how they have their own way of bringing you into their music. Songs build and build until that once gentle sound grows into something so powerful and emotionally impactful. My favorite example is in the song “Catalyst” which comes from their latest album release “Dry Heave the Heavenly”.

With their latest release they have doubled down on their awesomely haunting sound and delivered 9 tracks that leave me in awe. “Dry heave the Heavenly” was also impressively recorded live. I feel like this style of recording suites the band so well as it captures all that juicy feeling that goes into the album. It feels raw and real. Outside of the hits on the record “Fall Right In” and “Supermoon,” the album does a great job of keeping the magic alive from front to back. Even more than their first record, we see a level of consistency across this piece that keeps me coming back. You can listen to the album in the links below:

Photo by  Daisy Sargeant

The Milk Blossoms are an awesome example of the creative work coming out of the Denver Music scene. This band has me excited for what people can make possible when they strap on their boots and start letting their minds run loose. I’ll be watching out with bated breath for more of their music, and I encourage you to do the same. You can follow them on:



Look for their music on bandcamp at

Now for one last parting song:



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