Photo Credit: Lindsay Melbourne

Photo Credit: Lindsay Melbourne

To put my full bias on the table, IDLES is one of my top 10 favorite bands. Even though they have only released 2 full albums, each of them speak to me in a way very few musical works do. I have been beaten down by my sadness. I have been made to feel so small when my efforts were so big. I have wanted and still want to be smart, and face my problems with tact. I have been so incredibly angry about how the world is, and often can’t find the words to express just how messed up it makes me feel. Whether that is a problem with society, politics, or my own personal life. I want to rebel against the tyrants with all my emotions turned up, and savor the sweetness that drips from life. IDLES captures every ounce of that.

One of the most progressive punk outfits to come out in the past 40 years, Idles is moving the needle forward on what Punk Rock can be. Taking in stride all the lessons learned from the the rockers before them, their songs are fierce and forward thinking. For the past 10 years they have honed their craft to end up with this tight yet free unit. There is a ton of feeling packed into every strum and kick, and they capture it all in a way that is deceptively simple

Through their passionate delivery IDLES demonstrate to us that human kindness is still alive. Their latest album “Joy as an Act of Resistance“ exemplifies this by delivering anthem after anthem on what it is to be human. Within it, IDLES explore self worth, immigration, depression and more. All under the guise of this hard rough and tumble exterior. They are like the antithesis of toxic masculinity with all the bombastic outrage still in tact. 

At the heart of punk rock music is this belonging where there is nowhere to belong. A community built on the gray areas of life. One that rejects the status quo and makes their own ideas on how society should be. IDLES shows us just how far that idea has come. The trend their music is setting is one that shouts from the rooftops for the downfall of tyrants and for the up-rise of kindness. These powerful messages in each song are juxtaposed by a high voltage instrumental backing. If your blood isn’t pumping from the drums alone, then you might want to check your pulse.

Selfishly, I wish they would tour more of the United States and more often. They capture so well the feelings of many people like me who are fed up with the constant atrocity that accompanies each day. So many horrible acts of suppression, violence, and deceit happen here, but I realize that they also happen all over the planet. The IDLES message isn’t just for citizens of one country. It is a global message of loving yourself and rejecting the events around us that break down our hopes and dreams. They are not just rebels for a cause, they are rebels for a global way of life.



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