Glitchybb is that and more. An offshoot of Julianna Photography, this Denver graphic designer is making psychedelic designs that tap into the colorful nostalgic memories we never had. The style pulls from the design space we might have seen in the 60’s and 70’s, and combines it with glitch visuals that make the imagery feel fresh. The visuals shine most when put together with musical accompaniment. My favorite example of this is the music video Glitchybb made for musician Jackie Mendoza.

Audio and video together in harmony. There’s not much in life that is sweeter.

Here old cereal commercials set to the song "The Noisy Eater" by the Avalanches meet glitchy styles in a video that could and should be the official music video.

Now a chance to let the art speak for itself.

Warning: Some content may be considered NSFW depending on your world views.


To experience more of the experimental, you can find mind melting Glitchybb in the links below.